Essencial Emergency Services in Kolkata !

Published: 01st September 2009
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Emergency services refer to those, which we may need suddenly and in times of dangers and troubles. Hospital, nursing home, ambulance, fire brigade, police and bomb squads are the top names in the list of emergency services. You never know when the need for any such service will arise and so you must be aware of their availability. All big cities and towns in the world have got emergency services. While some are run by the government others are privately sponsored. Just like facilities such as restaurants, shopping malls, multiplexes, transportation and markets, availability of emergency services are very important for people.

Kolkata, the capital of West Bengal, being one of the five metropolitan cities in India, has got a great infrastructure for emergency services. All kinds of emergency services are largely available in all parts of the city as it is home to several billions of people. But the question is are you aware of their availability? Do you know where exactly offices of these emergency service providers are located? Do you have the contact numbers? Perhaps you do not. There are very few people who carry contact numbers of ambulance services and hospitals in their wallet. But what will you do if somebody close to you fell ill suddenly or your house catches fire? In such situations, people can't even afford to waste time for turning over pages of telephone directories or city guides. You need things faster in such situations. So what's the way? Well the way is internet. Just log on to the internet and search for the Kolkata-based B2B portals, where information on everything available in Kolkata are displayed.

ebizzkolkata is among the most widely searched Kolkata-based B2B portal. It provides the latest and most genuine information on everything that the city has got offer and that's why is preferred by most people. Vast information network of has made it the chosen one both by the information seekers and information givers. To reach the global market faster and to get better response, companies and service providers register their profiles in ebizzkolkata as it has got a high traffic rate. You will find a long list of names of companies and different kinds of service providers in this city-based B2B portal. Emergency services are no exceptions. Ebizzkolkata has got the best data base on emergency services in Kolkata. Being one of the largest cities in the country, Kolkata houses large number of hospitals and nursing homes, both government owned and private ones. You can get the contact numbers and addresses of all of them in ebizzkolkata. Same is the case for ambulances. The entire are of Kolkata is divided in many parts and each part comes under the jurisdiction of a particular police stations. from ebizzkolkata you can get to know about your local police station and it also provides you the contact numbers. Similarly, if you are looking for fire services, just type the two words and you will get all details.

With its large data bank and huge information network, ebizzkolkata serves as the best city guide for the visitors as well as its residents. So in case of any emergency, don't waste time behind travel guides and telephone directories. ebizzkolkata is at your service all the time.

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